Designing a workplace to attract Millennial

When we think about any company and its vision, the first thing that connects to it is the driving force, the team that helps in running the day to day operation/s of the company smoothly. And they are none other than the millennial’s. Companies nowadays are constantly looking for a competitive edge and hence always on the look out to attract and retain the best of talent in the market.
Millennials always have a fresh and entrepreneurial way of functioning and contributing in a very valuable and efficient way to any organization. And in order to attract millennials it is essential to design an office space that they would be eager to be a part of. This has to be done keeping various factors in mind like innovative interiors, technology friendly layout, breakout zones, etc. Competition is very ferocious when it comes to discovering the best talent and ensuring to hold on to the same in the long run. Millennials also known as the country’s ‘Future Leaders’ are now insisting to work in a professional environment that is super convenient and at the same time well equipped with the latest technological advancements. Therefore, as an employer, it is one of the most crucial task to ensure the best infrastructure and amenities is provided to get the maximum productivity from their employees in return.

Alluring facilities

In case of facilities just having a striking first impression would not help. The entire office layout and space should be planned and designed in a manner that would help excite and engage the required talent. Having dull office furniture, traditional work stations and closed in interiors; this would result in disinterest of employees leading to decrease in productivity. Companies like Google and Facebook are known for their physical appearance and every employee aspires to work in companies like these. This is mainly because most of your life is spent working and you need to be content with the environment where you are investing most of your time in. In addition, employees today anticipate comforts like on-site cafes, on-site gyms, recreational centres, etc. For instance, you can always install smart boards/ screens, Wi-fi access or movable work stations for your employees and their welfare.

Technologically Updated


Integrating the latest technology into business is essentially very significant as it helps in various ways to advance communication in any workplace. Technological advancements today has enabled workers to converse instantly and thus improving on their productivity within the company. Incorporating advanced technology into business helps to improve on communication between clients and business-partners since information can easily be exchanged through different communication platforms and faster than ever before. Also, though technology is advancing alot of activities within any organization, it is very important to monitor its usage amongst employees because if not utilized appropriately it might lead to decrease in productivity within the company as well. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the right technology to excite and gear up this generation.

Combining Business with contentment

Research shows millennials undergo the maximum stress levels of all generations. Employers are bound to design an atmosphere that persuades daily interaction and time outs which would help in reducing stress levels. Moreover work pressure is something that is becoming very common these days and helping employees dealing with the same in an efficient manner is important to successfully advance productivity and focus. This implies that employers have to think above setting standard activities and incorporate innovative ways to deploy ways for employee recreation. An effective breakout space can improve creativity and also provide employees a chance to move away from their desks and socialize as well.

Work Space Flexibility


Nowadays workplaces are being designed in such a way that it best suits the company’s requirement. By picking the right office furniture and flexible design, it will be very convenient for employees to work proficiently. A well-designed office place is one where changes can be made effortlessly according to the task at hand. Flexible layouts are cost effective and ensure comfort to companies who need to stay agile as they grow and expand themselves.
Millennials are a generation that search for communication, flexibility and a choice on how they work. A spot on office design can offer them exactly what they wish for. An office space should allow communication and productivity to occur at the same time. An open plan or flexible office space helps by giving employees the chance to freely engage and socialize with fellow team members or colleagues. For a generation that prioritizes every task and keeps communication above all, a layout like this would be very helpful in nurturing skills and maximizing productivity.

Health Ergonomics

Every individual in today’s world wants to live a healthy lifestyle and look out for companies that encourage the same and that cater to this need. They yearn for an employer that values health and encourages the right balance between work and life. There have been relatively few studies done that have concentrated on the correlation between the physical workplace design and mental health. Trendy offices offer plenty of space for employees. Part of building a healthier work environment involves rethinking the physical work surroundings. It is important that employees do not feel trapped at their desks. Instead, companies must start to promote onsite gyms, walking meetings, as well as standing desks. Millennials desire an environment that is both comfortable and at the same time takes care of their physical well being in certain ways. Hence factors like view to nature and daylight, using varied shades of colors, adequate greenery, etc contribute to employee well being, in turn attracting millennial to work in a space that is suitable in terms of their health goals as well.

Effective Break Out Zones


Creating spaces that would help employees distress and take a break from their feeling of ‘being at work’ would result in employee contentment as well as satisfaction. The aim is to provide easy access to places millennials would typically go to zone out from the hectic work environment. Break out areas are mainly for providing a space where employees can go and have some time away from their screen or the stress of every day working life. They can also be used for spur of the moment meet-ups with fellow workers or informal meetings with clients. While it is not necessary that every office would have the provision to support non standardized designs , the benefit in the long run would for sure result in higher productivity and overall workplace satisfaction, if used efficiently.

Including Creative and Goal oriented Visuals

Having creative aesthetics to excite the brain and foster creativity as well as productivity can range from wall frames, portraits, influencing quote frames funky yet functional furniture throughout the office space. Artwork, pops of colour and unique elements can make the specific areas look and feel enlightened and bright. This not only keeps the space look lively but also induces an enthusiastic vibe throughout the office space helping employees to stay active and happy.

Studying all the above factors carefully, we can conclude that workspaces must meet the needs of the millennial generation as they shall continue to be the largest inhabitants in the workforce for the next decade. Employers who fail to align corporate office spaces with the requirements of employees could potentially have noteworthy distrustful effects on a company’s revenue and profit over time.


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