Top workplace design trends for 2018

It is important for your office interiors and designs to match your business and work environment. Employee comfort and satisfaction are the key factors that support and enhance productivity, creativity, dynamism and the overall output of the organization which is a win-win situation for the boss and the employee. To achieve these, one of the most important points for consideration is the office décor and design. Your office needs to be designed in a smart way making it employee friendly as well as accommodating for the new gadgets – thanks to the advancement in technology.

Let’s point out some of the trends that are here to stay in 2018:

The Offbeat Concept


The first and foremost is to break the stereo type. How monotonous and boring it is to walk into a workplace where you know you are going to count the hours to go back home! Why not change the entire concept of the office and make it a much inviting, pleasing and cool place to be and work as well. Think of the conference room with bean bags, sofas, cushions! Sounds exciting? Offices around the globe are opting for the newer and more quirky themes to encourage the younger generation and make the work areas more fun. Conferences and meetings will not be boring anymore; resulting in increase in productivity and loyalty, towards the organization.

Energetic & Lively


It is very important for the work place to be vibrant and lively. You of course don’t want to step in into an old fashioned work place with just your desk and those dull walls. There are so many upcoming trends that are here to stay throughout 2018 to keep you up and awake throughout your work hours. The key to all this is happening furniture, quirky interiors, well fitted lights and illuminates and so much more. Think of entering an office where there is a splash of colours all around and with an interior just right to make you feel comfortable. It becomes easy to connect and concentrate also. Your desks and chair could be of a quirky design and colour. The lights in your workplace could be soft and the office should be designed in such a way to give way to enough sunlight during the day thereby helping you save up on that energy bill!

Unusual Work Areas

This design trend has been closely followed and adopted by the millennial generation and their fondness for open format spaces, shared work environments, and the unusual format. When you think of an Unconventional Work Area design, imagine a living room, meditation space, or an out of the box designed conference room arranged with sofas, bean bag chairs, plants and greenery, yoga mats, a dash of vibrant colors, and lots of room for activities. These new and exciting themes are being adopted by the offices around the globe in order to attract young talent and make working spaces more fun and coefficient.

More room for technology


Now this is quite prominent and well known to all that the technology standards are not increasing but they are also being incorporated by offices and even the common households for accurate and better efficiency in the overall output. Offices should be designed in a way to have ample scope and room to accommodate these developing technologies; be it the internet, your wi-fi system, the laptops, the air conditioning system or even the security system of your office. Later making and breaking to accommodate any such device or wire may affect the entire designing of the place. For example: all wooden furniture and fittings should be done keeping in mind the kind of business. If it is an Accounting firm, you are surely going to be in great need of racks, shelves and cupboards to stack those important files and documents. Corporates nowadays are keen on smart construction of their offices to accept changes open handedly in future.

Environment Friendly is the contemporary fashion

There is no doubt about the fact there has been a considerate amount of rise in the shift of trend in the Indian lifestyle; healthier options. And as rightly it is said, “Connecting with nature is proportionate to connecting with your inner self”. When we keep working in a vicious atmosphere where you only hear the sounds of the printers, or typing keyboards, think of a well lit office space with nature surrounding you. Terrariums are the new in thing! Placing a couple of terrarium next to the work station enhances the mood and makes you feel rejuvenated. Or may be instead cemented walls dividers or cubicles, wooden walls of a sleeker dimension could be used to act as a divider. Climbers can be placed to engulf these walls/pillars. The office should be well ventilated to allow air to pass in and out freely as well. Even glass could be good option as long as they are see through. Waving at your colleague once in a while may also perk you up a bit!

Biophillically Designed Space

Biophilia being a concept that defines the native relationship between beings and the environment, has been one of the focus factors for office spaces nowadays. It simple words, it is the practice of utilizing natural elements to augment any building or office space design. Scientifically proven to be a victor for boosting both physical and mental health, biophilic design is surely going to be one of the gets ready to be one of the leading design trends for office spaces in 2018. Natural light, glass panels and exposed spaces are great ways to implement the concept of biophilia. In addition, natural colors and patterns are also effectual means for seamless execution of this trending concept.

Colour is the main element


Greys, lemons and plain whites are surely a big no-no. A vibrant splash of colours in the office not only enhances the look of the place but also lights up the mood. The office could have separate themes. Opt for themes that bring out the best vibes and emotions in employees and keep the environment as lively and energetic as possible. As an employer your goal should not only focus on creating a sustainable space which is energy efficient but also keep in mind that the space should encourage employees towards their work profiles through a culture of enthusiasm and high productivity. With well-being at the foremost position of design necessities, new trends have come up that have existed in the past as well, making employees enthused, healthier, contented and more keen to go to work every single day.


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