The use of technology to maximize efficiency

Technology has brought a so called – ‘Unique Transition’ in the lives of people so much so that an individual’s brain relies on it to function in a more efficient and competent manner.

Technology not only helps us save time and money but in most of the cases enables us to live a better and comfortable life.

For instance, after a long tedious day at work we are dependent on an app on our phone (mostly Google Maps) to check the traffic conditions before we leave for home; order groceries to pick up on our way or be delivered to our doorstep. Etc.

This has been observed in the last 2-3 years approximately. Further advancements have also led to various Apps helping us to view what’s happening around the front door of our home in terms of security and also adjust the temperature inside our home before we could enter.

Therefore, why not utilize this beneficial tool/ means to reach our full potential at work?

Traditional understanding preaches that if only we pay workers adequately they’ll perform their best and be productive.

Though there would be more to this observation, recent research hints at a link between employees’ contentment and their productivity at work.

Smart technology is driving the way in which the world communicates, forming a more connected environment. The application of smart technology in the corporate world is also reinventing the way in which companies function.

Functional design is fundamental in cumulating productivity in the workspace and therefore, integrating smart technology in the design procedure can help transmute offices into connected and ingenious working spaces.

Being Smart

Let’s envisage your workplace using data to improve your day at work just as GPS improves your drive home. An app on your phone or software on your laptop could help identify who is at work, which conference room is idle at a particular moment or which meeting space is going to be free in the next couple of minutes.

Though technology has the potential to engulf, it is very essential to use it carefully and not get lost in a world of misperceptions. An eloquent strategy to solve real human problems for people at work can assist organizations in getting smart by creating a more accommodating workplace; realizing a true competitive advantage.

Staying Connected

An increase in employees wanting to connect with their co-workers while getting work done or maybe post that is being acknowledged lately; irrespective whether the objective is for a shared purpose.

A workplace that helps be your best identity backs the social nature of work by creating environs to foster team-building and partnerships.

Connected spaces can also help keep establishments in touch with what people need from their workplace; enabling leaders to make better judgments and be more flexible.

Real-time data on how employees are working within a given situation can inform an organization about how to focus energy and resources with buoyancy.


Therefore: Smart + Connected spaces help in connecting individuals, place and technology together to eradicate resistance and foiling between employees and the workplace.

The results are always in favour of not only the organization but the individual and the team he/ she belongs to as well. The nature of connected spaces will practically amend the way each and every department in a company functions.

It is also said that human happiness has an enormous and optimistic effect on efficiency. Hence connected spaces not only make offices appear improved but also impacts the efficiently and output of the employees far better

Stay tuned to our blog as we shall soon share tips on ways to be Smart and Connected at a Workplace!


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