Tips to design a eco-friendly and sustainable home

Our homes are more than just generic steel and wood used in its construction. They signify a place of belonging, a place where we respite, gather and make reminiscences. We all would desire for a home that allows us to reduce our environmental footprint and live more simply, while at the same time being a space where we love to spend our time.

The hustling noises of the cars and buses emitting the most hazardous gases that could harm you and your family, the discarded waste on the road sides, the open drains and man holes, all these are issues that concern us to a very large extent.. We all come across such sights during the day and the only thing that comes to our minds is to reach our “Home” as soon as possible where everything is clean, hygienic and safe. Is it actually?

Let’s see what are the ways we could improve and make our homes more eco-friendly to save the future and at the same time live a healthier life.

Plants and Climbers


Having more and more of greenery and plants in your verandah or balconies - ensure the flow of fresh air in the house. Not only this, the view of plants sitting in your drawing room in itself looks very appealing. It has a very calming and soothing effect on the mind and side by side contributes to the environment around you making it healthier and fresher. In addition, planting a few climbers outside your home would beautify your structure and act as an added greenery sight.

Energy Conservation


Another factor that could contribute in making your home sweet home eco-friendly is to cut down on the usage of energy in the house. Switch to LEDs and CFLs instead. This could also be done by encouraging your family members to spend more time together; try sitting in one room and play an indoor game or interact with family members a few hours during the day. Secondly, by opting for smart energy saving lighting and home automation solutions you are likely to even contribute in the dip of your electricity bill!

Organic Fabric
Instead of those heavy curtains, go for curtains made out of organic fabric. These kinds of fabrics are free of herbicides and pesticides. They also produce less CO2 emissions which help in protecting the environment. They look light and always give the room a different look all together. Not only limited to curtains, you could even opt for organic fabrics for your bed sheets, cushion covers, pillow covers and all the upholstery you have decorated your home with.

A Mini Garden


Nothing can be more beautiful than nature itself. Go ahead and give some attention to the little porch/courtyard in front of your home. Decorate it by planting different flowering plant alongside the boundary wall in a row. Or you may even keep small flower pots or even the hanging flower pots are quite ‘in’ these days. Watering the mini garden would be a chore you would love to do with your family get you engaged in some quality time with them. Placing a chair and table for an evening tea would make it perfect.

Compost Pit
Create a compost pit in the backyard or in the balcony of your home. Start segregating the wet and dry waste in your kitchen. Accumulate all the organic waste like egg shells, tea leaves, vegetable peels etc. in that pit and use it as manure for your little garden. So contributing in the drive towards an eco-friendly environment starts from your home…or maybe Kitchen!

Eco friendly homes offer all the comfort and accessibility of conventional homes and are not any less durable. Though there in an initial higher investment for an eco friendly construction, it surely pays off in the long term and it is less expensive to own an environmentally friendly than a conventionally built home.

So go ahead, plan and redo you home and stay environmentally safe!


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