Tips to design a game zone in office

Designing a game room in an office space can be a lot of fun. Every office is unique and so should be its game room. You can design your game room subject to the kind of work you do. It has to be a lively and energetic space with an excitingly fun ambience. A devoted entertainment or recreation area at any workplace escalates productivity and attracts young work force. Moreover, it also lifts employee morale and camaraderie.

But unique spaces in offices that are created for fun and are exclusive and realistic don't happen by coincidence; they take planned thought and design preparation. Just adding a pool table may not be enough; and without careful design, things could come off looking more like a vacant spot than a workplace. But if is done with the right spirit, a game room could introduce your space with the start-up vibe we all crave, helping to grow a sense of community and retain talent.

Let us note down the factors to be considered while initiating the process of designing the aspired game zone in an office space:


HLK Positioning

A very important factor is where you would like to locate the recreational space. The location and design of the layout has to be considered at the initial stage of planning itself. Where can you convincingly carve out a space where it will not be too disturbing or noisy? Will it be okay for your team to use this space during normal work hours as well? We recommend locating game rooms near a break room or lounge space where staff certainly gathers for lunch or their coffee break. An accessible game room will ensure its use as long as leadership encourages time breaks and considers gaming as a part of employee recreation.


HLK Themes

Your game room can be based on any theme you find entertaining. If it's a sophisticated club theme you would want to go, get bar stools and designer couches. Make it comfortable and use dark shades like red, black, and blue on the walls and floor rugs. Lights play a big role in structuring themes. If you have a sports theme, then find pub lamps, swag lights, and floor lamps that have your favourite sport or team's name on them. Retro is one of the most prevalent themes for a game room. From the psychedelic colours of the 70s on your walls to posters of legends like Elvis, the Beatles etc, the retro theme holds enormous creative possibilities. A pinball machine, dart boards, and card game tables are the perfect games for this zone. In a country like India, where cricket is religion, no game room is complete without a TV.


There are ways to buffer sound from building walls and doors, but you should still be attentive of the noise that a game room (and gamers) will produce. From digital sound effects to human consoling, don't overlook to consider acoustic wall panels, furniture pieces, carpeting and rugs to help absorb sound.

Nature of Games

HLK Furniture

What types of games will you have in the space? If you're thinking of non-digital classics like table tennis or billiards, remember they require clearances to play around them. Make sure you plan for those clearances before procuring furniture or building new walls.

Feel of the space
Are you going for a residential, living room appeal? Or are you drawn more towards a colorful, active and fun space? Colors, patterns and textures complete the ambiance of the space, conveying its personality, and by extension, the personality of your team and your brand.


HLK Furniture

Game rooms are considered shared spaces that promote socializing. Therefore, lounge pieces complemented by coffee tables and movable pieces like couches support the idea of comfort and flexibility, while adjusting to different size groups.

Apart from attracting talent and creating a sense of community, game rooms encourage socializing and kicking back during breaks. But another purpose is that they inspire employees to move around, de-stress and build relationships with colleagues. And not only can that translate to happier employees, it could also mean more engaged employees who are willing to stick with you in the long run.

Colour Scheme

HLK Furniture

Keep the area bright and random. The best-looking game rooms have multi toned wall colour schemes. You can also choose to syndicate similar colours on a wall to create interesting designs. If you would like the decor to be much more casual, go for random squishes of paint on the walls, teamed with abstract wall paintings. Introduce furniture with bright-coloured upholstery and large prints. Neon signs on the wall will add character. Funky posters and wall clocks will help liven up the decor.


HLK Furniture

Wood flooring is considered the best for game rooms. If your budget is a little on the higher side, you can also opt for wall-to-wall carpeting. You can mix and match carpet blocks to create your own patterns. If you have a couple of video games in the game room, chequered flooring is the ideal way to go. Match the tiles with your wall colour for the ultimate effect. If you want to experiment a little, go for unconventional flooring materials like bamboo and vinyl. If most of the games you have in the game room are board games, carpets are a good idea. If you have a table tennis table, a pool table etc, wooden floorings is better suited.

Therefore, when you can propose both work and play in one unique package to your employees, you help people discover their inner child. We all know deep down, no one really ever wants to grow up! So design that ideal break zone in your office and get your employees to stay more connected and loyal to their work place in the long run!


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