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Great Leaders like you, always sense the growth, they don't let skip a single opportunity of en-cashing it. Experts from the fraternity confirm that office design directly affects employee health, well-being and productivity within the workforce.

As work culture is revolutionized in 2018!
We share the Facts & Solutions that

How an Office Design affects your
Business Growth which you could reap it.


A recent study at the University of Warwick found that

A recent Gallup Survey found

Looked at another way, though, poor worker engagement is an opportunity for companies
to boost their productivity by investing in workplace happiness.

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Engaged Workers Most Common in U.S. and Canada

As in Gallup's previous employee study, engagement levels among employees vary across different global regions.

Northern America (that is, the U.S. and Canada) have the highest proportion of engaged workers, at 29%, followed by Australia and New Zealand, at 24%.

Regionally, Engaged Employees Most Common in the
U.S, and Canada

More than one in three workers in the Middle East and North Africa refion
are actively disengaged

Regardless of region or industry, businesses seeking to adapt to rapidly changing global economic
conditions must learn how to maintain high-productivity workplaces and grow their customer bases in
widely varying social, cultural, and economic environments.

A Gallup study found that

Work Place Stress


Seek job Out side


Stay at current place

Due to Overall Org Culture


Seek job Out side


Stay at current place

Promoting elements that sustain a healthy work environment fosters satisfied and engaged employees. An ideal work setting involves components such as stimulating work projects, assurance of personal and organizational well-being, and dedicated teammates.


Well-beingness of Employees Affects Productivity

New Study Reveals Employees Well-being Has a Large Impact on Work Productivity

A Study surveyed
full time working employees. who feels wellbeing has a significant impact on work productivity & retention.

Results from the survey reveal that employees with poor wellbeing, on average, self reported that they are only working at
of their maximum output

The study suggests a few ways to incorporate each of the wellness elements into your company’s culture.


Allow employees the freedom to work the way that fits their personalities and lifestyles. This could mean allowing employees to create their own schedules, or even allowing employees to choose to work remotely.


Create social settings where employees can get to know each other like company outings, team lunches, and other activities where business need not be discussed.


Allow employees to take an extended lunch to attend a yoga class, or invite employees to participate in office wide health initiatives.


Feeling Safe in the Work Environment

According to recent SHRM research

of organizations have experienced incidents of domestic violence

sexual violence


of employees reported that feeling safe in the work environment was very important to their job satisfaction.

To uphold the overall well-being of their staff, organizations must assess their safety needs on a regular basis to maximize the efforts in preventing harmful acts.


Overall Corporate Culture

Organizations with a strong corporate culture may even interlock it into the organization’s brand, especially when organizations encourage employees to “live the brand.”

of employees indicated that corporate culture was a very important job satisfaction contributor

of employees were satisfied with their organization culture


Organization's Commitment to a “Green” Workplace

of employees indicating their organization’s commitment to a “green” workplace was very important to their job satisfaction

of employees were satisfied with their organization's commitment to a “green” workplace.


Gamification at Workplace is Highly Result- Oriented

Business with engaged employees have

higher productivity
lower absenteeism
higher profitability

An integrated, well-planned office design and work space significantly affects the
productivity of your employees.

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