What to expect from your interior designer!

We all come across a time where we get bored of our surroundings and hunt for the perfect makeover in order to make our day to day lives a bit more exciting. Deciding to revamp or renovate your abode comes with its own share of challenges as well as healthy repercussions. And, in order to achieve the desired space with the best results, the assistance of an interior designer is required all throughout. An interior designer not only streamlines the entire process of designing but also ensures that the result is functional as well as eye catching, aligning the same with your budget.

Our expectation from an interior designer majorly differs from person to person with respect to ones’ choices and preferences but at the end of the day, the one common goal that is similar for everyone is getting the exact outcome that we desire within the least amount of monetary involvement. Not to forget that there should not be any compromise when it comes to the 'Quality Quotient'.

The first and foremost factor is to be able to communicate to your interior designer what you are exactly looking for and subsequently expect the best results. Below are few observations we have in terms of what we should be expecting from an interior designer and hence should be cautious about the same during the entire process of designing:

Achieve desired outcomes within the Budget allotted

Budget is probably the most important factor that we spend most of our time thinking when it comes to any designing decision. Hiring the appropriate designer who understands your expectations and delivers accordingly is very crucial. Designers tend to usually keep the budget a bit higher than it would actually cost for the project to be on the safer side. Agreeing to your designer, post detailed evaluation of the cost involved, is a factor that you should be very supportive of when you want your abode to look exactly the way you desire.


A first hand draft of what the end result is going to look like

The first step to begin the process of any interior designing project is to have a one on one conversation with your designer explaining to him what are you expecting, what are your design ideas, what is your budget and what is the timeline you are looking for the completion of the project. This is followed by the designer sharing his ideas and thoughts behind the project and sharing his feedback on your expectations. This process might take some time as there will definitely be some back and forth in terms of ideas and budget negotiations. But once the same is finalized, the interior designer will make the first draft of the eventual design and share it with you. There can always be changes made to the same as per your requirements.

Flexibility in terms of timelines

Though we have mentioned above that timelines is discussed at the initial stage of the project but when the actual commencement of the project happens there might be few delays due to various circumstances. We all know good things take time and being patient and allowing your designer a bit of flexibility is a good option. Changes that take place mid-way as well add to the overall time estimated for the completion of the project.

Additional value through innovation


The very first objective of us hiring an interior designer is to work collectively and come up with ideas that are unique and would do complete justice to the space we would like to design. But our primary objective is not restricted to this factor only. We should expect our designer to add value to his services by implementing innovation in his processes which would help in creating a more technology friendly space. Innovation does not only have to be with respect to technology but also ideas about decorating a certain space or ways to incorporate elements that would overall enhance the visual appearance.
Working with an experienced designer permits you to make best use of the space that you have nd build in an innovative space that reflects your lifestyle perfectly.

Best colour scheme and combinations

Choosing the right colour combination for any space is very crucial as that is one of the main factors that reflect your ultimate taste and choice. Adding an instantaneous pop of colors brightens and re-energizes any space instantly, and in contrary the use of a dull colour that does not complement the other elements in the room can work against your favour as well. An interior designer can perhaps come up with amazing ideas when it comes to selecting the right colors for your abode and can also suggest applying paint somewhere totally unexpected in the space. Understanding the designer’s point of views and ensuring that the same matches your needs is also very important and has to be taken into consideration.

Get Better deals on Furniture

Since there interior designers have been in the business for some time and have contacts with furniture dealers, getting discounts on furniture and fabrics as well is surely what you can expect. They have vendors that they source products from on a regular basis which helps them in getting better ideas for their clients.

And lastly, the ideal way to decorate your space

Working along with your interior designer as a team is very important in order to achieve the desired results. It is imperative for the designer to understand your needs and the same should reflect in the process. The final outcome of the project should reveal your way of living and a bit of your personality as well. Hence, it is justified to expect an interior designer to decorate your space in the most ideal and perfect way.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your space you would like to design, hire the right interior designer and start the procedure, but remember to be flexible and enjoy the entire process.


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