Jakson Hyderabad

Jakson Power is one of the pre-eminent power solution providers in the country. Jakson expanded their office to Hyderabad and assigned the construction and interior designing project to HLK Group.
Some of the highlights of the project are:
  • Reception Area: Beautiful Italian flooring, walls cladded with veneer, glass, laminates and high gloss which makes the reception look valiant and inviting. The furniture was tailor made as per the client’s requirement.
  • Meeting area: A separate meeting area for 4 people was designed near the reception in order to achieve a sense of privacy
  • Conference Room: A spacious conference area was designed to accommodate 16 people at a time. The room is equipped with state of the art projection system and furniture. The interior was decorated with veneer and soft coloured wallpaper. The center was occupied by a beautifully handcrafted conference table
  • Workstations: All the workstations were customized as per the area and made with grade one quality material
  • Cafeteria: Cafeteria was designed to break the monotony of the space by using vibrant colors
  • Manager Cubicles:Manager cubicles were created by erecting low height partitions. The idea of low height partitions is that it keeps the eye moving without any hindrance thus making it a spacious place. Each cubical is made commodious enough to accommodate 3 to 4 people.
  • Director cabins:Director cabins were made adjoining the façade wall. This enables a cabin to get maximum view. Each director cabin was made as per a unique design
    The false ceiling of each and every area is designed separately. Furniture was designed and installed by HLK Space.

Like this space? Design your space exactly the same.

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