Select a theme that suits your personality the best!

Whenever we choose to design a space or revamp an existing space, we tend to get overwhelmed and thus do not know what could be the best option we could go ahead with, in order to achieve the best appearance.
Understanding the various themes that exist and which theme would complement your space perfectly is very critical during the process of decision making. Essentially when it comes to selecting the ideal theme for your space, you should lay emphasis on the overall feel and vibe you would like your space to reflect post completion of the design process.
We often confuse ourselves when it comes to understanding the difference between a design and a theme. A theme defines the overall vibe and look of the space whereas design is a part of the theme representation that blends the physical appearance and fictitious vibe of the space together in a subtle manner.
Let us focus on some of the options available in terms of themes that could help you in making the best decision for your space!


Traditional is a timeless style that celebrates warmth, elegance, and symmetry with a layering of patterns, architectural embellishments, warm woods, and tailored window treatments. When we talk about simplicity and comfort, traditional theme is surely an option that tops the list. This style is fairly adaptable and can be united with other interior elements to create an exceptional look in a room. Furniture pieces and silhouettes that replicate the designs from the 18th and 19th centuries are considered mainly traditional.

Classic refers to those design patterns that remain unchanged over the years. This theme mainly showcases reliability and majestic poise. It is mostly a preferred theme by people with stable tastes and those who value olden days' culture in comparison to the current trends in fashion. The color arrangement of the interior is preserved in light pastel colors. Lastly, fabrics used in classic interior design style are inclined to be elegant without being overly decorative or attention seeking.



Vintage interior design theme reflects a sense of charisma and antiquity through old diverse pieces. Antiques, collectibles and ancient souvenirs are objects which could help you in creating a vintage feel and look to your desired space. This theme is all about implementing things that were a part of history by repairing, refinishing or polishing them. Antique stores or shops that deal with vintage items are the best places you could find suitable design elements for your space.



Functional with an emphasis on simplicity, the modern style uses a neutral palette with accent colors used sparingly. Furnishings include polished metal and glass, smooth leathers, solid fabrics, and minimal textures. The modern style is perfect for apartments and small spaces as it makes the best use of space and creates an impression that a room is larger than it actually is. Minimal textures and bold geometric forms, neutral colours accentuated with a single bold are key ascertaining features of modern style interiors. Avoiding too much of accessory and decorative items is also necessary while going ahead with this theme.



Contemporary's clean, polished and sophisticated style plays to the less is more approach. Focusing on smooth profiles, solid or subtle patterns, and minimal accessories are key components that tie this overall style together. The visual look is anchored with a unifying element based on color, scale, texture, and finish. Contemporary interior design generally refers to trendy looks that are in vogue at present. Contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being chaotic and dark.

Contemporary Eclectic


Contemporary eclectic is anchored by a cohesive mix of furniture, accents, and art based on colors, scale, texture and finish. The overall space incorporates a mixture of elements to create something new and unique. When we talk about this theme, it is basically a blend of anything and everything that is considered contemporary. There is no particular restriction towards any sort of design and hence it works best for people who are open to experiment and merge various design themes into one.


Inspired by the repurposing of 19th-century factories into living spaces, Industrial style is characterized by raw natural elements. This style often incorporates salvaged wood, exposed brick, concrete and metal elements. What you basically need for this style is to create an impression of rough surfaces and materials that suggest an industrialized past. The simplest way to show roughness is to leave some walls or surfaces unfinished.


Minimalist interior design theme is basically keeping everything minimal. Simplicity being the highlight of this theme, streamlining every element of the space is considered very important. From keeping only essential requirements in the space to accommodating only important furniture pieces, it is very fundamental to follow a minimal approach to achieve the desired outcome. Minimalism simplifies living spaces to reveal the essential quality and conveys simplicity in attitude towards life. Natural light is used and is an essential factor considered while designing any space in accordance to this theme.

Go ahead, chose the theme that suits your personality and desires the best, and design your space with supreme enthusiasm and fascination!


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