The contribution of an Office Fit out to your business growth!

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about an office space is what it is going to look like. In order to make your interior space appropriate and reflect the best design to suit your business environment, the implementation of an office fit out plan is very essential. As we know, an office fit out is the overall practise of creating an interior space well suited for any business to get functional. It basically delineates all major as well as minute detailing in the office space, from interior design, to planning meeting rooms, work stations; break out zones, reception area, etc. Office spaces that are planned and deigned strategically in a manner that reflects culture, values, vision and worthiness of the business as well as the company result in better motivation and inspiration towards its employees. Planning a well-structured fit out not only contributes to employee satisfaction but also helps in appropriate functioning in the professional space. With the advancement of technology and meticulous offerings, one can easily design a smart office with optimum utilization of space.

Let us read through the essential that one should keep in mind once you initiate the office fit out process


Defining your Ultimate Objective

Aligning your business objectives to that of your spaces’ design is very critical. Even if your space is small, a well-managed space is not bound to the size of an area. End results like - what is the brand image and its reflection in your office space, how much will it affect the office culture, what is the growth rate that you expect in the next couple of years, how much cost saving can you implement through the fit out design, etc.; should be the fundamental factors that you should consider once you plan to execute the office fit out activity.

Budget allocation


Speaking about budgeting when it comes to an office fit out, it should include every single penny that you would be investing or rather spending to achieve the desired results. From costs like insurance, staff training – which is referred to as soft costs to the major expenses that include rent, maintenance, infrastructure, furniture, technology driven installations, security staff and devices, all have to be listed down when you are planning your budget.

Allocating the correct and sufficient amount of budget and not compromising on quality at any stage is very important.

It is always advisable to be prepared to spend a few additional bucks here and there as sometimes costs tend to go up during the process of execution. To give you a rough mid and high budget estimate for a 1500sq. ft. office where we would include flooring, false ceiling, partitions, reception and waiting area, glass work, workstations, Electrical, AC work etc. , this is what you can estimate as an approximate expense:

  • Mid-end budget and material - 1400/sq. ft.
  • High-end material - 2000/ sq. ft.

Key areas to be apportioned in the office space


While planning your office fit out, you should always focus on how much area you would like to dedicate for every zone in the office. If your nature of business demands frequent meetings then you should go for a bigger space dedicated to meeting or conference rooms.
In case of a start-up, most employers prefer having multiple break-out zones for employees in order to increase productivity and hence, in that case a larger area is allocated for break out zones.
Having appropriate understanding and accordingly dedicating enough area for spaces like employee workstations, office sanitation, waiting area, meeting rooms, are factors that have to be taken into consideration at the initial stage of planning.

Hiring the right people to assist you


When it comes to hiring people or experts to assist you in the entire process, you shall always look out for someone who knows precisely what you desire and also has vast knowledge about what are the up-to-date and modern solutions are available to support in developing your business and incorporate the same in your office fit out plan.

Your fit out partner must be familiar with the forefront of innovation and should be on top of new developments so that they can recommend you the best at every stage of the process. Thus, instead of searching for multiple service providers around you should hunt for advanced office fit out experts who can assist you to achieve end to end office structuring solutions. This will also help you in cutting down on your budget as hiring multiple experts for different purposes would surely entail more costs.

Moreover, you do not need to take the pain of dealing with numerous service providers, resolving fit out work deals.

When the office lighting, furnishing, employee workstations and well-designed partitions are seamless and offer employees an ideal working atmosphere, productivity concentrating environment for work, productivity increases inevitably.

Each and every fit out is vital for a functional office set up. From having comfortable furniture to proper height desks, advanced lighting all around to office sanitation fit outs, everything effectively has its own input in enhancing workability and productivity in an office. It is very essential that we should not compromise on quality and pay full attention to detail at all stages as this is something which is done once in for all.

We cannot go back and change layouts or fit out arrangements later on as that is something that is close to impossible and if at all we choose to do so it will incur huge expense.

Therefore we suggest you to be fully acquainted with the possibilities when it comes to an office fit out and hire the right partner that will assist you in not only delivering what you desire for your business but also help you attain the ideal space in a budget friendly manner and not forgetting to mention that all the above should be achieved in the deadlines agreed upon!


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