Things to keep in mind while designing a start-up office

The Indian start up network has been growing at a very fast pace. These start-ups have not only changed the way we look at the Indian economy but have also brought around a major transformation as well as contribution to the Interior industry. There is a slight shift in focus when it comes to designing an office for a start –up. Traditional work spaces are no longer something they would even want to concentrate on when it comes to finalizing the layout for their professional habitat. Rather than focusing on factors that would just contribute to a profitable turnout for the brand, they lay emphasis on employee wellbeing and recreational zones as they consider the same a major factor that boosts employee productivity. Therefore, seeking a favourable balance between design, functionality and technology is very important when it comes to planning such spaces.

The approach that these companies concentrate on is building an environment that helps in boosting the creativity factor of employees as well as offering a space that helps them stay energetic and enthusiastic throughout their time spent in the office. As much as these functional factors play utmost importance in the decision making when it comes to planning the design, physical appearance of the office is also a major factor that takes up a lot of time while planning and strategizing. Below are few key aspects that should be taken into consideration keeping the start-up culture in mind?

Focus on an open office space


While we all know that there is a never ending debate to comprehend the concept of an open office vs. the cubicle style, it surely makes much more sense to opt for an open office space design when it comes to a start-up office. More friendly collaboration amongst employees, fostering a sense of working towards a common objective as well as increase in efficiency and productivity since the team is more closely knit cultivating a sense of shared space.

Break out zones is a must


Having a break out zone in an office set up is become an increasing trend these days. Employers have started focussing much more on ways to increase productivity of the employees. Creating spaces around the professional set up wherein employee can go and relax or unwind in order to take a break from their hectic schedules and tight deadlines is become almost like a compulsion. Spaces like a fun zone, hangout zone, work out zone, etc., are best suited ways to give your employee the much desevrd pace. Therefore, it is also important to plan the implementation and structure of these spaces at the initial stages of strategizing the design for your new office space. Follow this link to get detailed ideas on break out zones.

Do not ignore professionalism

Setting up and designing a start-up office is a very exciting process. While we look for the best ways to cater to employee satisfaction in order to increase productivity, we must also keep in mind that professionalism still remains the most important factor. Unless we do not follow a system that is professional enough by nature, we will dilute from the ultimate objective of working in sync to achieve the desired business objective. Therefore, creating technology friendly conference/ meeting rooms as well as a minimum of one board room where, (as and when required) we have those super formal meetings that lead us towards our business goal.

Flexible work stations

There is a new concept that has been doing the rounds where there is no dedicated work station allotted to an employee. Nowadays most firms are offering employees laptops rather than a desktop as it is more convenient. Therefore, if you have planned a similar infrastructure then you can always opt for this creative way of allowing team bonding as well as offering freedom of space to employees. They can shift workstations and keep rotating spaces as per mutual consent amongst co-workers.

Greenery and Natural Light

Another important aspect is to allow daylight streaming in from multiple directions in your office. The best to maximize the amount of natural light that streams through the space is to make your interior walls out of glass. If the same is not possible, installing smart lighting systems could be another way, but natural light has its own advantages that help in boosting energy. Alongside natural light, keeping greenery around also helps attain a healthy vibe amongst co-workers. Having natural elements in your décor can be very inspiring and help in motivating your employees.

Comfortable yet attractive Furniture


Start-ups experience prompt changes in terms of infrastructure as there is always a chance of rapid expansion. Keeping the young workforce in mind, the rule should be to have minimal furniture and more collaborative or breakout areas. Funky, attractive yet comfortable furniture should be brought into the setup rather than using the boring old school type of furniture. It is said that furniture is one the best investments and suitable for any workspace. Therefore, use multipurpose and adaptable furniture, as space is often an issue in start-up offices.

Bright shades of Colours


Since start-ups usually comprise a team of young, vibrant and innovative employees coming together to work at one place, colours are a very important characteristic contributing to the work environment. The right shade and hue can be used as a powerful component to reflect the energy of the workforce. Choose more of bright colours and graphics as they make any space look vibrant and livelier. The colour on the walls should enhance the brand image of the organisation.

Start-ups have their own niche space when it comes to their needs to design their professional surroundings. Factors that essentially drive their growth like motivation, encouragement, enthusiasm, urge of being the best – have to be reflected through the design of their workplace. This not only adds to the overall process of inspiring the workers to put their best foot forward but also increases their faith in the entire start up system which aims to reach new heights within a short span of time.


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