Dankaur Farm House

Located in Dankaur, Uttar Pradesh in a beautiful semi-rural location, the farm house depicts the Indian architecture with arched balconies. The client has an unconditional love for dogs and takes care of more than 70 street dogs who also reside in the farm house. The site was located and constructed as per ‘Vastu Shastra’. The site also has a sustainable water management system in place.
Some of the highlights of the project are:
  • Entrance: The entrance road is 2 feet higher than the outer road which leads to the duplex structure
  • Duplex house: The duplex is a retreat for the family and is constructed in 35338 square feet which covers the Drawing room, bedrooms, lounge, double heighted hall area, kitchen, temple, balconies, utility area, gym and dog’s room. The area depicts the Indian architecture with arched balconies
  • Terrace: The terrace area gives a splendid view of the beautiful greenery with an attractive circular skylight above the double heighted area
  • Servant block: The servant block has all the basic amenities such as a bedroom, kitchen, toilet and a Varanda. The 668 square feet structure has a single floor covered with mangalore tiles on the windows and balconies
  • Utility block: The utility block is a single floor structure cladded with mangalore tiles divided in two different storage areas
  • Dog Shed: The dog shed is constructed within a span of 7m covering the entire 40m width of the site. The truss is rested on MS pipes and is covered with puffed panels from above.

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