Retail Outlets

Retail outlets have a totally different approach when it comes to planning and strategizing regarding the designing of the space. The interior layout of the store has to be designed in such a manner that first and foremost it attracts customers and secondly it should reflect your brand personality in the most appropriate manner.

The ultimate objective for any individual who seeks an interiors designer is to employ someone who would give the space a makeover that would lead to generating maximum sales for any business. From creating a brand story at the outlet to creating a shopping experience that is customer friendly, it is very important to consider the nature of the business at every planning as well as execution stage. Window displays, signage’s, shelves, mannequins all these put together ultimately give potential customers a reason to enter a store and finally purchase any brands’ offerings. It's crucial to keep in mind that from the minute somebody enters your store to the time they decide to leave, smart as well as innovative design choices make a significant difference in regards to whether you make a sale or not. Designing your retail interior is a never ending procedure, and you can always change set ups, tweak or add, but we at HLK help you to create that one time space echoing customer journey and experience.

Themes for Retail Designs


Experiential Theme

The word 'experiential retail' has become a famous term which describes the most preferred mode of shopping amongst the new age generation. HLK would help you meet this new trend by designing a space that caters to customers who are looking for a hands-on, trustworthy experience influencing their purchase decision. While the art of experiential retailing may bring to mind amusement, in-store electronic displays, interactive mirrors and creative ways of enhancing customer experience is what really matters in order to make the visit of the potential customers fruitful.

Commercial interior designers

Luxury Theme

This theme is a unique arrangement of luxury and panache. Interiors play with a generous yet sophisticated palette including an incredible display of grey and subtle. Converting the activity of shopping into a luxurious experience is what every brand that caters to the upper class society focuses on. Cross -references between the floor, ceiling and walls fully reflect the style of rich simplicity. HLK would help you to incorporate this theme by converting the space into a destination that customers not only go to shop but also simply visit.

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