IREO Uptown Apartment

Refurbished the apartment of Harsh Agarwal - one of the top bloggers in India. The apartment was located in Ireo Uptown, Sector 66, Gurgaon. The walls were reinforced cement concrete and the work began from scratch. The site was completed with intricate details in 4 months despite the challenges.
Some of the highlights of the project are:
  • Entrance: The entrance reflected a lavish feel with a rose wood designer door and Persian handmade tiles on the wall
  • Flooring and Lighting: Handpicked Italian marble stones with mirror polish was used for the flooring along with a combination of white and warn yellow lights
  • Drawing Room: Drawing room includes an elegant bar area cladded with Champaign color glass. The LCD unit has been designed to give a rich look with Onyx stone on top and a designer stone wall as a backdrop increased the overall appearance of the room.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is created reflecting a state of the art modular kitchen. The passage of the kitchen has a beautiful handcrafted white marble temple positioned over a glossy white console
  • Study Room: The study was made to complement the personality of the client. The workstation was top mounted on the wall with a carpet flooring
  • Master Bedroom: The master bedroom has a huge designer glass wall and glass ceiling for the dresser area. The wardrobe has shelves made out of colored lacquered glass

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