A perfect blend of contemporary designs, monochromatic tones, geometrical patterns and bright colors, this
theme makes the interiors soporific, timeless and practical. Restricted color palate, use of textures and shapes,
and pops of colors makes it a vibrant, welcoming and warm space.

BED Room

MAJESTIC monochrome

With the contrasting use of grey wall
and white flooring, this space is an
amalgamation of modern, chic and
vibrance. Introducing patterns in cushions
and rugs will create an interest in the space.



The mismatched dining chairs, geometrical shaped light
pendants, crate furniture and a black board to write
your thoughts every morning, contribute to the black
and white arrangement and makes the space super
bold and contemporary.

Living Room

mellow Yellow

A burst of yellow on the cushions and
chair adds vibrancy to the monochrome
tones. The use of crate furniture, stand-
ing lamp and geometrical patterned rugs
and cushions add drama to the space.

kids Room


Add an accent tone to your kid’s room
to enhance the cheer and vibrancy of
the room yet maintaining the crisp and
clean look. Here pastel blue and green
color elevates the look and feel of the

study room

an INSPIRING story

The charcoal feature wall, grey table, wooden functional chair and
inspiring mix of photographs and illustrations above your desk is
an ideal selection. Monochrome patterned rugs and stools, grey
open shelf rack and dash of white in floor, cushion and other deco-
rates fills up the place attractively.


Like this space? Design your space exactly the same.

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