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A human mind and body is the most difficult machine to handle than anything else on this planet. Perhaps keeping in mind all the pros and cons of working in an employee growth and proficiency, don't you think an office should be designed in such a way keeping various encouraging factors in mind. Well, we think so! Contrary to the traditional concept of cubicles, an open office space is more appealing. The spacious view of an open office space helps you breathe a sigh of relief and calmness to start your day. Utilization of space in an optimum manner to achieve the best office layout is also a must.

Let's read on:

The Fun Zone


Whether it's a machine or a human being, a break from the monotonous daily routine cycle is significantly needed. Developing a fun zone in the open office space not only enhances the productivity levels of the employees but also energizes them to deliver better. A gaming area with a table tennis set up, or a small basketball net or even a Table Soccer game could help the employees unwind and take a break from work. The use of vibrant colors and impressions adds to the zing of this zone making the area livelier. The furniture/ installations need to be carefully chosen so that they could be easily handled and maintained as well. Colorful tables and chairs, preferably plastic can be kept in the area also. Employees who don't want to engage in playing activities could be a part of the ambience as an audience.

Team Building Zone


This is a concept which is followed in almost each and every organization in today's cut-throat competitive corporate world for excellent productivity. A team building zone could be an area where team building activities could be carried out by the activity managers. It gives an opportunity for the employees to mingle with one another and also develops and strengthens their professional relationship as well as provides room for sportsmanship amongst them. Small racks/shelves can be constructed to help place stationery required for such activities. The walls could be painted with innovative signs and images to create the ambience needed. Round tables could be place in the area to accommodate more employees on a single table. And a wall of fame could be painted with a space left empty to put in the winners names.

The 'ME' Zone


An individual, whether on work or off always requires some 'ME' time. The 'ME' time we are referring here to is the self-time an individual needs to rethink his work, his contribution to the organization, to gather his focus to get right back on track, to put on his thinking cap and get going with new ideas that the company could benefit from. An area which is lighted softly and has a soothing ambience can serve the purpose. A recliner or even a comfortable sofa could work wonders. The employee gets a chance to relax and rekindle his energy. This will not only prove to be helpful for the employee but will also be fruitful for the organization.

The Work Out Zone


A well-equipped gym could be the foremost thing the employees would look forward to when they start their day. Exercising in the gym will not only have health benefits but the employees will engage in healthy conversations even after/before work hours. The interiors of this area should be well ventilated to provide a comfortable ambience for the employees during their work out sessions. Wooden flooring would look perfect with the space being well-lit. Life size mirrors can be put up in the area. Small cupboards/draws with a locking system can be created along the wall of this area so that the employees can store their gym requisites.

The Hangout Zone


This area in the office can be also called as the cafeteria. Not only having their meals over here, the employees could also indulge in interactive discussions with their colleagues or even group discussions where in exchange of ideas can take place. You can choose the interiors as per your choice, although you will have to keep in mind the colours and interiors of your office. Sofas and chairs/round stools could be placed in the cafeteria. To make it a little more comfortable, bean bags are also a great option !

The Tech Zone

In today's competitive world it is very important for your organization to be upgraded with the latest technology. Keeping this in mind a Tech Zone can be created in the office. This area could be used for general conferences, video conferences, team presentations, client meetings, etc. A highly efficient internet system is the primary requirement in this area. Proper fixing of wires, and streamlining them is very important. Lighting should be done appropriately. Round and long conference tables with proper office chairs can be placed in this area. It should be equipped with all the latest gadgets required for an office conference room.

Few or all the above if incorporated in an open office design, will not only enhance the look of the office but will also entirely change the concept of a so called 'OFFICE' for the employees. In fact we are sure that employees will start looking forward to a day at work and will deliver their best once provided with such a comfortable work environment. So without wasting time any further, go ahead and design your office in an employee friendly way which would not only be appealing to work for your employees but will also contribute to fruitful results for your organization.


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