Tips to make your office work station feel more like home

Your office is your home away from home!
It’s the place where you compete for market share, chase new business opportunities, and recognize your dreams. As a result, the most productive offices usually balance the comforts of home with a professional business image.

But what are the chances that your office lets you live up to this goal?

The answer is you either incorporate some fine-tuning to the space allotted to you or perhaps opt for a completely new approach — achieving your objectives keeping in mind your budget.

Desk jobs can be a little draining, especially if your desk is lacking a personal touch. Just because you have less space doesn’t mean your desk can’t have personality. Basically, the days of the boring cubicle are over! Making your office space just as inspired as your home will only enhance your efficiency and make the day go by faster.
Don’t be afraid to get a little funky with it. Adorn your desk in chic decorative items, gadgets and gizmos, and of course, a few comforts of the home.
You spend more time in the office than almost anywhere else. Unless you work at an out-of-the-box company like a startup, it's hard to find an office space that inspires its workers through exciting interior designs. Some might think that this is a frivolous claim, but the visual environment you’re surrounded with can affect your productivity and energy levels. You might even be sitting at your work desk right now while you read this article.
Before you get back to work (like you should), get some inspiration here for how to upgrade your workspace.

  • Add more light
  • Low light conditions can make you feel lethargic and even slightly depressed. By adding a bright lamp you will guarantee that there is enough light in your immediate surroundings for you to see clearly and feel lively

  • Blend it with some color
    Insipid and ancient is not really a design that endorses creativity and productivity. If you want to stay driven, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed, which can be achieved by adding some bright colors around you

  • Add greenery around you and breathe some life into your office space
    Water storage plants require little work and always add life to a space. If you really don’t want to be concerned about taking care of them, then fake plants work great too

  • Create a collage or picture wall within your personal space
    Challenging the fact that work and family should be kept separate, display pictures of your family on your cubicle wall. That smile on your family/ friend’s face will surely lighten up your mood and help you stay positive during the course of the day

  • Add an element of crystal to bring in some positive energy Considering the healing power of crystals, keeping one or two on your desk might help improve your work flow. They also make superb paperweights

  • Avoid clutter around your work station

  • Go through documents kept around you and decide whether to file or discard them. Spending even a few minutes a day will intensely reduce office clutter, making your space feel more energetic and organized
    Work may be work but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your office space.
    Ideally, you should love your job and your desk, so if you already love your job these simple upgrades will make it all the better.

    Give your cubicle the makeover it’s pleading for. Why not bring a little of your décor style to your cubicle as well?

    It’ll also create a positive energy flow where creativity and productivity abound – that’s a win-win! Work will get easier, we promise.


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