Monsoon home care tips

Monsoons are just round the corner, and I am sure many of you await this heat buster season eagerly! Not only the weather becomes so pleasant and cool but also the monsoons stir up emotions within us. A romantic walk along the road side, or a rain dance with your best buddies on your roof top or may be just sitting and watching those water droplets trickle down the window glass, all these things are something we look forward to during this flattering season ! Amidst all these wonderful little things there is something very important that usually we don’t pay much heed to and it slips our minds…Yes, Your Home Sweet Home!!
We all gear up with all the basic necessities for the lovely rainy season, but even your cozy den needs some attention and care to get ready to welcome this season. With its positives, the monsoons also possess a few setbacks. Here are a few things to overcome these setbacks to enjoy the monsoons and brighten your house in the dull monsoon season :

A Look Over Your Wooden Furniture


For those who are lovers of wood furniture and antique, it’s time for some caring and pampering of your prized possessions. Wood is most sensitive to the rainy season. Moisture and humidity are usually the main culprits that destroy your wooden assets and the rainy season is accompanied by both of these. Make sure you polish and varnish your wooden furniture and fixtures well before the monsoon starts because drying of the polish could be another problem to tackle if it is done once the rains start.

A Comfortable and Cozy Zone


Enjoying the rains in different ways is surely an individual choice, and being out in the rain could not be fun all the time. But in case you would want to make use of the rains even by staying indoors while reading a book, or simply sipping a hot cup of coffee and chatting with your best friend - you could create this “Comfy” zone. A corner of your house can be converted into your cozy den by placing a colourful bean bag or even just a simple little mattress and voila!

Water Proofing
Seepage and moistness is a common problem people face during this season. To overcome this, water proofing your walls from the inside and outside is a wise step to take before the rainy season starts. The most important and the most affected portion of your house during the rains is your terrace. The terrace/roof must be checked for cracks to avoid seepage of water during the monsoons. The second important area is the outside of your house which suffers the most during the monsoons by facing the rains and requires your care and attention.

Umbrella Stands

Umbrellas and rain coats are the first thing that come to mind when we think of a rainy day. Placing a stylish stand at the entrance of your house to hold those dripping umbrellas and raincoats could prevent a wet and slippery floor. They come in quite handy and these stands add to the décor of the room making them look more chic and classy. Try choosing a stand with colours that would complement your wall/curtain colours.

Move or Change your Tea table


Don’t forget to bring in that little tea table and chairs you had kept in the verandah/garden area to enjoy your evening tea. And in case you are quite keen on maintaining the evening activity of a tea session with family or friends we still have an idea for you. Replace the wooden table and chairs with plastic ones. You could pick out a bright and vibrant colour matching your greens and place it on the porch to avoid getting wet. In fact these are easier to clean and maintain as compared to the wooden ones.

Change Your Upholstery
Your upholstery is a wonderful thing to experiment with when you are thinking of a new makeover of your home. Choose soft and pastel shades of bed sheets to lighten the mood. Opt for rain themed bed sheets and pillow covers for the kids’ room. Light colors and laced curtains would look beautiful and even allow free air ventilation avoiding that fussiness in the room.

Scented Candles
Even though the monsoons change the entire season around and are loved by everyone, continuous and heavy rains cause stuffiness and humid odors within the room. Place a few scented candles on a stand or in that favorite antique bowl of yours in the hall room. You can choose out of a huge range of fragrances available in the market. Although Rose, Jasmine and Fresh Lime are the ones that would work the best compared to others. And mind you, placing a few of these in your bedroom would also not be a bad idea.

Flowers are undoubtedly a magnificent mood lifter and their sweet smell can always cheer up any one. For all those flower lovers, you can keep a couple of trendy and colourful or maybe even antique vases in your drawing room and bedroom with your favorite lilies or orchids. Make sure to place them in a safe place and on firm surfaces avoiding them from wobbling down when it gets breezy.

Rains are meant to be loved. Make sure you home is prepared to welcome the monsoons and you do not have
unforeseen surprises when it comes to home maintenance!


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